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Beyond Earthly Realms – an end time prophetic wake up call 

In October 1991, Jason Carter received a series of striking visions about the last days of human history. These began with a ten hour waking vision in which he was taken by the Holy Spirit beyond earthly realms and shown things that are to come. What he saw and heard was a wake up call to the church in Europe and throughout the world.


For over twenty years the only person whom Jason told was his wife. Now he shares these visions and their interpretations for the first time with the wider public. In this companion volume to his acclaimed Trumpet Blast Warning, Jason Carter gives us heaven’s perspective on earth’s future. Prepare to be challenged.


In the world’s increasing darkness, we need a brave new church. Whether you are a believer or not the revelations in this book will not leave you unmoved. It truly is time to get ready!


Price £5.50


Price £1.99

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