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Uncensored Videos

You're not going mad

Take courage, don't give up. You're not going mad. Keep standing your ground. You're not alone. There are many more than the media would have you think. Don't allow the manipulation, coercion and bullying to confuse you. Don't do anything that goes against your convictions. Keep standing strong. Keep going. God is with you.

No Jab, No Job – Jason reports from Rome

Jason reports from Rome amid 200,000 protestors. I came to see for myself and to report on this because the mainstream media and those in power either ignore these protests, outright lie about them, badly misrepresent the people, or divert attention away by reporting on manufactured events. This massive protest in the People’s Square, Rome remained largely unreported. 

Using Fear to Control

Behavioural scientists are advising the British government on how to terrorise people into submission. Does that sound OK? Let us not give into fear. We haven't been given that spirit. If we are following God we have supernatural power, love and a sound mind, one not taken to panic and one not taken to control by the elite.

Police Stop us Preaching the Gospel

Last night the police stopped us from worshipping God. Later they returned to stop the gospel from being preached too. It wasn't even a large gathering and just a few of us stood there. Persecution of believers will always follow the preaching of the gospel. Inside the comfort of a church building who follow all the government dictates no persecution will be seen.

Vaccine Passports for Church Entry

When asked in an interview Paul Scully MP said Number 10 'not ruling out' passports for churches. It aches my heart to say this but if pastors turn away believers on the say so of the state then I don't know what to say about those pastors. It is not about health and safety. It never has been. It is about total control of the people.

Fauci's Surprise Outbreak

Zuckerberg Talks DNA Modifying Vaccines

Facebook insider leaks tape on Zuckerberg talking to staff on the DNA modifying vaccines. Released by Project Veritas February 16 2021. ‘I Share Some Caution on this [vaccine] Because We just don't Know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA and RNA’

Bill Gates Wants to Play 'Germ Games'

In 2017 at the 'Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration' Fauci forewarns of a surprise outbreak during the Trump administration.

Former Pfizer Boss Tells All

Just as Gates forewarned the Covid crisis he predicts coming biological airport attacks, pushes for a global pandemic task force surveillance state funded by the US and UK, and a vaccine patch possibly a pre-cursor to his funded quantum dot tattoo.

The Wicked Won't Get Away With It

Michael Yeadon former vice chairman Pfizer says asymptomatic invented in 2020, warns that governments locally and globally are lying in ways that are easy to establish. Yeadon says once you've been infected you are immune for decades and the variants are not sufficiently different to be any threat. Advises to stay away from experimental vaccines.

Not My Moral Obligation!

Journalism is completely dead in the mainstream. They are just spouting the narrative of their controllers. They will be judged for their wicked deeds. Just like the martyrs under the alter, many cry out for justice today. God says, “Be still. I will fight your battle”. Those who want to control us think they are gods. They are totally deceived. The reality is they will be destroyed by fire. Judgement is coming. So rest. Be at peace. 

Censored live talking about Bill Gates

My moral obligation is to God and nothing else. I have another obligation and that is to tell the truth no matter the cost. Part of me would like to stay silent and live a quiet life, but I’ve got one life to live and I must live it to proclaim the truth in a world of lies before my time is up and I stand before God. This video could well be censored on YouTube and Facebook but the message was burning in me to the point I could not remain silent – I know it’s not popular, ear tickling stuff and I won't get any friends for posting, but I’m not here to receive any accolades. God bless you.

While talking about Bill Gates attending Bohemian Grove I was mysteriously cut off.

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