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A Permanent Pandemic

Refusing the jab is 'selfish'...none mask wearers are 'psychos', social conditioning...Bloomberg reports: 'Start planning for a permanent pandemic – we may never go back to normal'...Disturbing news out of Italy as vaccine rollout continues...Region president announces QR vaccine certificate to allow the jabbed to enter restaurants...We can stop this madness, this 'Great Reset' by is time to stand strong by our convictions.

The New World Order in Here

LIES, LIES and more LIES by the BBC, our leaders, by our institutions...It is time to wake up....The biggest deception and lie...We have been warned...'and he deceived the inhabitants of the earth'...the Great Reset, the New Normal...they are installing their decades old plan...a totalitarian new world is time to wake up, stand up, and listen to The TRUTH or they will pull it off in our day.

If We Don't Wake Up Now It's Over

I'm compelled to share this message burning inside of me this evening. I know it is unpopular what I have to say, but I'm not here to be a well-liked motivational speaker. Believe me, I wish I could bring another message. But if we don't wake up now, that is it. Our world will descend into abject darkness and tyranny and there will be no return. There are two world's right now – one believes that there is a virus and we've got to do all it takes to get rid of it so we can return back to normal, the other that this is the Great Reset, the fourth industrial revolution of the global elite who are using this crisis to hijack our world. If the recent G7 summit didn't wake anybody up, nothing will. As global leaders sipped on champagne without social distancing and no quarantine rules applied the imprisoned at Heathrow's quarantine hotel were not even allowed to speak from a distant over the fence. Time to wake up before it is too late.

A World Under a Billion...

I'm standing at the Colosseum, Rome where Christians were thrown to the lions. Tyranny then and now. With the masked masses and police watching everyone, the tyranny is clear and felt. We are living in the medical tyranny of the final world empire, with a depopulation agenda and a world under a billion. Time to wake up.

The Tattoo is here!

I've been warning about this since last February 2020 – the quantum dot tattoo is coming. Now CBS News and other outlets are reporting on it! And no, it is not a conspiracy theory. Also MSM continues to divide society by shamelessly announcing the unvaxxed must be shunned! No it's not mandatory, but they're doing all they can to enforce it on everyone. The end game? Total control of everyone on the planet.

Grocery Stores – No entry without QR code

The passport is here...Can't buy without QR code scanning – now in grocery stores – just as I said it would happen last year and was ridiculed for it...Report an 'extremist’ friend too...We are living in a world that is under the control of the evil one...A UK five year plan of restrictions, it's the new normal...But we know the end of the story, so let's stay strong and keep looking up!

UK Government downgraded COVID-19 March 2020!

What is going on? According to the UK government website COVID-19 is no longer categorised as a ‘high consequence infectious disease (HCID)’ due to, amongst other factors, the mortality rate being low overall! Now you won’t be hearing that in the mainstream propaganda news anytime soon. The strategy of fear must continue until it has served its nefarious purpose.

It's not a conspiracy theory – read it here on the UK Governments own website

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